Monday, September 10, 2012

E-Waste FYS P.1

E-Waste Questions

1. The Basel Action Network is an organization that strives to reduce environmental injustice and economic insufficiencies brought on by toxic trade. They are the main source for information on e-waste for journalists, as well as everyone else.
  • E-Waste Stewardship Project-Exports E-Waste to safe recycling plants. 
  • Green Shipbreaking- Ensures proper disposal of E-Waste in the U.S.
  • Zero Mercury Campaign- Working toward a ban on the use of Mercury.
  • Basel Ban Ratification- Move to Ratify the Basel Ban on illegal disposal of hazardous E-Waste

2. (Where is the closest e-Stewards Recyclers?) e-Cycle LLC: 4105 Leap Road, Hilliard, Ohio, 43026

3. (Besides the US, what countries have the status of "signature"?) Afghanistan, Haiti. It means that these countries have signed the original treaty but have not approved the ratification.

4. (In Puckett's Article, what are the 4 R's?) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and RESPONSIBILITY. My part in this would be A. Using my technology for as long as humanly possible, until it is unusable,  B. Finding legitimately safe ways to recycle what technology I must get rid of, and C. finding greener technology to use.

5. When e-waste is exported, it is cheaper financially to send it to third-world countries rather than handling it safely ourselves. Costs not taken into account are health and environmental wellbeing. The environments that e-waste is "demanufactured" in are terrible. It is not a safe place to live at all, yet, thousands of people are forced to. As for health, breathing in or ingesting all of the hazardous chemicals and pollutants such as cadmium and mercury kills people, yet, most people don't think much about that.

6. I went to Cuyahoga Falls High School, so I spent 4 years hearing about the Cuyahoga River and how it was so polluted, it caught on fire. I was 15 years old when I first heard that, and it utterly disgusted me. I don't understand how people can be so careless in disposing of their things. As for the overall area of Ohio, I'm disturbed that we have 102 advisories. That is outrageous. I don't understand it and I can't pretend to. Richfield is under a boil alert, and there's lead in the water in surrounding areas. That's just really disturbing.

7. Since I am not in Dr. Seiter's division of this class, I am unsure of what the "Perils of Indifference" discussion is. However, relating these articles back to "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas", they are practically one in the same. Most people choose to ignore that they can responsibly dispose of their technology or prevent having to do so. They choose to just toss old electronics away and go about their lives, much like the people who live in Omelas without helping the child. They focus on the betterment of their own lives.

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