Friday, October 12, 2012

Service Reflection #4

Wednesday at Open Doors was more or less a day where I was unable to tutor anyone. Most of the kids had a project to do and had to go to the library to do it; afterward there were maybe five or six kids left, most of which had completed their homework. My project group met with one of the adults who works there, Felicia, to talk to her about our digital media project. She suggested that we set up an instagram to tie it into the facebook page they already have.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing service. I enjoy tutoring. I have over 100 hours from high school in tutoring alone. However, I'm really not enjoying this project. For the most part, I either A) sit around doing nothing or B) sit awkwardly around the kids as they do homework that they don't need help with. I wish I were being utilized more. I try to interact with everyone and find a way to help but it never changes anything. I will continue to try to find a way to be utilized.

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